To use WITHHANA B2B, please sign up with the company information.

* After signing up, the person in charge will confirm and approve it through email within 1-2 business days.

* When you sign up, make sure to write the company name on your name.

Ex) Kim Hana (Withhana) 

* For other inquiries, please contact b2b@haink.co.

① Order through the homepage. 

+ Bulk orders can be made through Google Spreadsheets or Excel files.

+ If you are interested in products other than those on the homepage, 

please contact the person in charge separately.

② Please receive a commercial invoice and review the order quantity as well as fee.

(The order will be forwarded via email or a convenient method for you.)

* Released Product

- When the order is completed, only the items in stock will be reflected on the order sheet.

- We will inform you when the items that are currently out of stock have been restocked.

* New Released Product

- You have to deliver it to "First Deadline" as much as possible so that it can be shipped immediately 

after the release.

- Orders after "First Deadline" will be shipped out depending on the inventory situation.

③ Choose payment method (ex. Bank Transfer, Paypal, WISE, etc) to pay. 

If there is a payment method you want, we can discuss it. 

④ Your order will be confirmed upon completion of payment. 

⑤ When the product is shipped out, the person in charge will send you a separate message.

Shipping Fee is not FREE !

→ The shipping cost varies depending on the weight, date, and country. 

     Therefore, the shipping fee is set to free because of the default value on the homepage.

* We have a partnership with FEDEX and DHL, 

and we mainly use FEDEX because FEDEX has better conditions. 

* The rate of LAST-MINUTE fare is the best in FEDEX, but it can only be applied if it is over 21kg

* Therefore, we don't have MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)

but we recommend ordering more than 21kg for low rates. 

We have partnerships with Hanteo Chart and Circle Chart,

That is why we sell only albums that are "100% certified"

* If you want New Released Info, we will notify you via email.
* The picture below is an example of New Released Info.